Cardinal Porompora (কার্ডিনাল পরম্পরা ) is a family organization that has evolved gradually during many years among the family relations with and around Patrick D’Rozario, of Parer Babu/Shadhu Bari, West Padrishibpur, in the Parish of Our Lady of Guidance in Padrishibpur, Barisal.

Patrick D’Rozario became a Holy Cross Religious in 1962, Holy Cross Priest in 1972, Bishop in 1990, Archbishop in 2011 and then a Cardinal in 2016, and who has taken a shepherding role in the family members that are spread out in Bangladesh, India and beyond. 


Porompora is a tradition and a heritage including four generations before Cardinal Patrick, the youngest of the nine brothers and sisters, and four generations after them. Being in the middle and being a person with whom everyone in the Porompora relates, it is named Cardinal-Porompora bridging the past and future generations.

As far it is a family organization, it has some Guardians consisted of elders to oversee, Executive Committee and other Responsibilities to do specific and practical functions and activities.

The main aim of the Cardinal Porompora is: to live Christian life within their family relations drawing inspiration from Bible passage of Ben-Sirach 44:1, 10-15. 

The objectives of the Cardinal Porompora are: to keep close contacts among the relations, to safeguard the family heritage and tradition and make it living and ongoing, and to communicate family heritage to the following generations providing necessary spirit and formation. 

Cardinal Porompora has both human and divine dimensions because our God has been a God of our forefathers, being baptized in Christ and living life in the Holy Spirit. It is a heritage of Christian domestic churches bound together and linked with the Parish community. The Porompora ties itself closely with the Bishop of the Diocese and the Parish Priests concerned. Hence it is a Christian and Ecclesial body in spirit as well as in functions. 

The members of the Cardinal-Porompora are families of three-four generations and the families of well-wishers and that of spiritual bonds. As a visible sign the Porompora has a family Musueum (সংরক্ষণাগার) built with the contributions of everyone concerned. It has a heritage room displaying family trees with total of nine generations, album-photos, souvenirs and other materials of iimportance. It has a Chapel for prayers and devotions for families and the neighbourhood, and a stage overlooking the courtyard for family celebrations. 


There is a web-page called CARDINAL-POROMPORA.COM digitilizing all the information regarding the Porompora: its Constitutions, organogram, instructions and Committees for different functions. It incorporates a Genealogy of close to 2000 members; It has already a collection of more than a couple of thousand photos. Related documentaries, interviews, videos and YouTubes are stored in the web-page. The most of the published and unpublished writings and the current writings of Cardinal can be found in the web-page. (See the Link: https://cardinal-porompora.com/) 


The newly built Cardinal-Porompora Museum (কার্ডিনাল পরম্পরা সংরক্ষণাগার) is inaugurated and blessed and the Cardinal-Porompora Webpage is launched at Parer Babu/Shadhu Bari on 1st January, 2022 commemorating the Sixtieth Anniversary of Religious Life in Holy Cross (13/06/1961) and Golden Jubilee of the Priestly Ordination (08/01/1972) of Cardinal Patrick D’Rozario, csc.

(Dated. 01/01/202)


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